Tim Hortons Locations In Canada Will Only Have Plastic Straws For One More Month

The phase out is almost complete.

Tim Hortons Paper Straws To Replace Plastic Ones By May

If your local spot hasn't gotten this change yet, it's on the way because Tim Hortons' paper straws are close to replacing plastic ones at every single location across the country.

The Canadian coffee chain said plastic straws have been almost fully phased out at the nearly 4,000 locations in Canada and the initiative is expected to eliminate 300 million single-use plastics each year.

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This change was first announced back in October 2020 and in January of this year, every location in Canada stopped getting shipments of plastic straws.

All locations are expected to make the switch over to paper straws by the end of May.

Tim Hortons was recently ranked as one of the worst retailers for having toxic chemicals in products and packaging along with McDonald's and Starbucks.