Montreal Weather Is About To Get Messy With Up To 15 cm Of Snow

A chilly reminder for those who haven't switched to winter tires.

Cars driving in wintery conditions on rue Rachel in Montreal.

Cars driving in wintery conditions on rue Rachel in Montreal.

As winter's chill tightens its grip, the Montreal weather forecast is calling for a particularly messy week. Up to 15 cm of snow is expected in Quebec, marking a shift in weather patterns that could impact daily commutes and general mobility around the city.

Chilly commutes

A wintry system, as forecasted by The Weather Network, is on its way to eastern Ontario and southern Quebec starting Tuesday. The snowy invasion arrives with colder November temperatures, signalling a departure from the relatively milder conditions experienced earlier in the month. Montreal, Ottawa and Gatineau are expected to see significant snowfall by Tuesday evening, complicating the Wednesday morning commute.

Motorists, especially those without snow tires, are advised to exercise caution and adjust to the deteriorating road conditions.

A winter cocktail

In total, between five and 15 cm of snow is expected in the hardest-hit areas through Wednesday, though lesser amounts could be seen in places that experience a mix or just rain.

Snow is expected to begin spreading into eastern Ontario during the afternoon hours on Tuesday. By evening, major cities including Ottawa and Gatineau are anticipated to be engulfed in wintry precipitation. Montreal will not be far behind, with snow moving into the city late at night. The persistence of the snowfall through the overnight hours means that Wednesday morning's commute could be particularly difficult, with slick and slow conditions predicted.

MétéoMédia predicts parts of Quebec — namely the Lanaudière and Mauricie regions — could see up to 20 cm of snow and five mm of freezing rain.

Weathering the week

The snow is set to continue through Wednesday morning in areas along the Ottawa Valley, with some regions experiencing a mix of rain and snow. For Montreal, the snowfall is expected to begin easing by Wednesday morning. However, mixed precipitation and possibly straight rain will follow, potentially complicating the situation for commuters and pedestrians.

The week is expected to continue with a mix of showers, cloudy skies, and periods of snow, particularly on Friday night and Saturday, according to Environment Canada.

The weather pattern for the final week of November and the first few days of December will see near-normal or colder than normal temperatures. However, there is a silver lining, as a milder pattern is anticipated to return during the first week of December, potentially lasting through at least mid-month.

Brr-ace yourself

As we head into a week of snowy weather in Montreal, it's important to bundle up, plan your commutes carefully, and stay informed about the changing conditions. Whether you're on the road or trying out those new winter-proofed BIXIs, a little extra caution can go a long way.