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I Tried The 8 New Dishes From Cora's Sweet 'N Salty Festival & Here's What I Thought

The best of both worlds?

I Tried The 8 New Dishes From Cora's Sweet N' Salty Festival & Here's What I Thought

Thanks to their warm atmosphere, impeccable service and comforting breakfasts made with ingredients as fresh as they are tasty, Cora Breakfast and Lunch restaurants have captured the hearts — and stomachs — of many Canadians.

With 127 restaurants located across Canada, Cora is never too far away for a generous breakfast to help you start the day satisfied.

The wide menu features nutritious and delicious options, with something to make everyone happy. It's in this spirit that Cora launched the Sweet 'n salty festival on February 21, for a limited time only.

I got the chance to personally try all eight of these limited-edition meals, and I finally get why so many people love to start their day with a breakfast that's both sweet and salty.

It's basically impossible to find a dish you won't like!

The Dishes

Each Sweet 'n salty dish comes with two eggs, bacon, roast potatoes and toast, plus a sweet item of your choice. It's also possible to switch up the bacon for another meat if you prefer.

Not only did I get to try some succulent crepes, but I had some excellent French toast, soft and fluffy pancakes and crispy waffles too.

On top of all of that, you get a side of fresh fruit or bananas with a choice of creamy cocoa-hazelnut spread, salted caramel or a dollop of whipped cream.

Courtesy of Cora

The variety of fruits that you get with a meal was a nice surprise. Say au revoir to the traditional cantaloupe and honeydew slices and hello to strawberries, blueberries, grapes and pineapple.

I also had the chance to sample a fresh strawberry-blueberry fruit cocktail — a morning must in my opinion.

Each dish was balanced, and the well-seasoned potatoes complemented all the other flavours beautifully. As for the meat: the pork sausages, bacon and ham were cooked to juicy perfection.

My Faves

Given my weakness for chocolate, two menu items were my faves by far: the Jonathan (a classic chocolate-banana pairing) and the Gabriel (a triple-chocolate pancake feast).

The Jonathan's creamy cocoa-hazelnut spread was totally mouthwatering. I found the chocolate flavour was a bit stronger than the hazelnut, but together they worked splendidly.

The Gabriel's triple-chocolate pancakes were fluffy and filling. It was a serious chocolate explosion and an absolute delight to my taste buds.

Courtesy of Cora

Two other dishes that caught my eye were the Fannie (and its avalanche of strawberries) and the Adam (a dreamy banana, caramel and waffle creation).

The Fannie's golden French toast had a cinnamon-nutmeg flavour, which was so delicious when paired with the fresh strawberries.

As for the Adam, the crispy waffle was drizzled with a rich salted caramel sauce that I found truly delectable.

My Experience

Once again, the warm atmosphere and scrumptious breakfast options at Cora Breakfast and Lunch helped me start my day off on the right foot.

I loved the mix of sweet and salty in each dish, which allowed me to avoid having to choose which flavour I wanted most that morning.

For those who prefer breakfast in bed, Cora also offers delivery. Everything is well packed and carefully transported so that your meal arrives hot and ready to eat.

Plus, all sides come in separate containers, which stops them from getting soggy and keeps them fresh.

The Sweet 'n salty festival meals are available now at all Cora restaurants, as well as by delivery.

Now that people can finally enjoy the most important meal of the day together again, why not head to Cora for a delicious breakfast (rivalled only by grandma's)?

Nothing beats sharing quality time with family and friends over a filling breakfast in a friendly and inviting atmosphere, like the one you'll find at Cora Breakfast and Lunch. Bonus: you don't have to do the dishes either!

Sweet ‘n salty festival At Cora Breakfast and Lunch

Courtesy of Cora

Price: 💸💸

When: Starting February 21, 2022, for a limited time

Where: Dine in at one of the 127 Cora restaurants across Canada, or order for delivery.

To learn more about the Sweet 'N Salty Festival, check out Cora's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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