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I Tried All Of Freshii’s New Tacos Available In Calgary & Here’s What I Thought

It doesn't have to be Tuesday to enjoy these tacos!

I Tried Freshii's New Tacos In Calgary & Here's What I Thought

Whether I'm looking to order something in or cook for myself, tacos are usually at the top of my list. Plus, now that it's summertime, nothing beats a warm night in your backyard with fresh tacos and a margarita.

When I found out that Freshii — one of my favourite options when I'm looking to order takeout on the healthier side of things — had added tacos to their menu, I knew I had to try them.

As someone who has been spending a lot of time sitting in parks for physically distanced picnics (or solo dates with myself), I had high hopes that Freshii's new tacos were going to be the perfect addition to my takeout rotation.

Most people love a good deal (I definitely do), and right now Freshii and SkipTheDishes are offering a BOGO promotion where you can get six tacos for the price of three.

There are four different tacos on the menu: Chipotle Pulled Chicken, Tofriito, Street Corn Chicken and Steak & Queso. They all sounded super tasty, and I couldn't wait to take my first bite.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with the variety of tacos available. I liked that there was a veggie option to go along with the classic meats, like steak and chicken. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do like to limit my meat intake and having the choice of something made with a plant-based protein was a major plus.

Ordering from SkipTheDishes was hassle free, and my food was at my door in no time. As soon as I opened the Freshii bag, my mouth immediately began to water because the tacos looked and smelled delicious.

I got to try all four of Freshii's new tacos, and this is what I thought of each one. (Spoiler alert: they were all so good!)

Chipotle Pulled Chicken

Courtesy of Kristina Costabile

When it comes to any food, the spicier the better for me — and this taco didn't disappoint. It was perfectly seasoned with that smoky and spicy flavour that many people have grown to love in any chipotle-inspired eats. The avocado was a nice touch as well and helps to cool things off if the heat gets a little too intense.

I can definitely see myself enjoying this one in the park or on my balcony with a few pals this summer.


Courtesy of Kristina Costabile

This Tofriito taco was my favourite of the four that I tasted. If I can find an option without meat, I usually choose it. This taco has tofu as its main protein source, and it was satisfying and flavourful.

I loved the roasted red peppers and avocado crema. Plus, the salsa fresca added freshness that I enjoyed. It can also be a vegan option if you don't get cheese on it.

Street Corn Chicken

Courtesy of Kristina Costabile

The first bite of this taco tasted like summer to me. The star of the show was the delicious combo of chicken and spiced black beans, and the Mexican street corn salad added the perfect pop of sweetness. The shredded purple cabbage added some nice colour and crunch.

I liked this one a lot, so if you're looking for a classic taco that'll satisfy your cravings this summer, this is an excellent choice.

Steak & Queso

Courtesy of Kristina Costabile

I'm not normally a fan of red meat, so I was a little apprehensive when I saw this option. That being said, after my first bite, I was pleasantly surprised. Their house-made queso, corn, salsa fresca and steak turned out to be a great flavour combination.

Not being a steak lover, I likely wouldn't choose this one as my go-to Freshii taco, but if you're a fan of steak, this is a tasty option.

Overall, I really enjoyed these new tacos from Freshii. As someone who's health-conscious and tries to choose things that fit in my lifestyle, Freshii is the perfect place to order takeout from. There's something for everyone too. Whether you're a meat-eater or prefer to eat vegetarian, you'll be able to enjoy these tacos.

Plus, with the BOGO promotion on SkipTheDishes (available while supplies last until June 20) you can order six tacos for the price of three to share with pals or dig into all on your own!

To try Freshii's new tacos for yourself, visit Skip The Dishes' website, YouTube or check out their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

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