22 Home Organization Products On Amazon Canada That'll Help You Be Less Of A Slob

Goodbye, clutter! 👋

22 Home Organization Products On Amazon Canada That'll Help You Be Less Of A Slob

Personally, my favourite things to shop for on Amazon Canada are products that'll minimize my clutter and help me get organized. It's just so satisfying to come across an item that I know will help keep my apartment tidy.

While there is definitely a special place in my heart for home decor, I'm truly obsessed with functionality. I'm always looking for new ideas on how to organize my kitchen, closet or home office.

From organization products to clever storage solutions that'll convince your friends that you're not actually a slob, here are 22 useful things on Amazon Canada that'll help declutter your home.

2-Pack Under Bed Storage Bag Organizer

Amazon Canada

If your closet is overflowing with off-season clothes, extra sheets and too many towels, then you might benefit from using that empty space under your bed.

$27.99 $19.87

4-Tier Slide-Out Trolley for Small Spaces

Amazon Canada

This ultra-slim utility cart will slide into the narrowest of areas so you can maximize your storage space. It's perfect for any room really, especially if you lack cabinet space in your kitchen or bathroom.

$59.99 $55.99

Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

Amazon Canada

If you have a Keurig coffee maker but can't seem to keep your pods in order, you might want to invest in a pod storage drawer. It'll keep those unsightly boxes off your counter and elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

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Lift Top Coffee Table With Rattan Baskets And Hidden Compartment

Amazon Canada

This genius coffee table actually lifts up into a desk, so you can use your laptop comfortably while you WFH on your couch. It also has a ton of storage, including two slide-in baskets and a hidden section beneath the lift-out tabletop.


5-Tier Heavy Duty Pan Organizing Rack

Amazon Canada

Make the most of your cupboard space with this useful pan rack. This particular model is extra sturdy, so it'll hold your heavy cast irons without wavering.


Corner Shelf Wall Mount

Amazon Canada

Make use of the stagnant corner space in your home with this floating corner shelf. It'll give you some extra room to stack your favourite books, house plants and home decor.


Power Bar With Surge Protector

Amazon Canada

You can safely power up to nine appliances with this multi-plug outlet extender. It won't collect a ton of dust like clunky power bars that are left on the floor and it'll help you make the most out of a single outlet.

$34.99 $21.99

Mop & Broom Holders

Amazon Canada

If you're constantly knocking over your brooms and mops, consider picking up a pair of Command mounts. They'll keep your cleaning cabinet tidy and free up some space.


7-Piece Collapsible Drawer Organizers

Amazon Canada

Tidy up your wardrobe once and for all with this set of seven collapsible drawer organizers. They'll help you compartmentalize your drawers, so your clothes don't clump into one big pile as per usual.


Classic Large Silverware Tray

Amazon Canada

If your cutlery is in disarray, you might want to reorganize your kitchen drawers with the help of a non-slip silverware tray. It has six spacious compartments you can divide your silverware between.


4-Piece Clear Shelf Separators

Amazon Canada

Tidy up your closet shelves with these handy shelf separators. They're subtle and transparent, so they won't be an eyesore.


Narrow End Table with Charging Station & USB Ports

Amazon Canada

This stylish side table is narrow, so you can slide it into the tight space between your couch or bed and the wall. It comes equipped with a charging station that'll save you from bending down to plug your phone charger into the wall.


3-Tier Spice Pantry Cabinet Organizer

Amazon Canada

If you're an avid cook, consider investing in a tiered organizer so you can see all of your spice jars without shuffling them around.

Copco Basics

SONGMICS Makeup Organizer

Amazon Canada

Declutter your vanity and get your makeup and skincare under control. This acrylic organizer has a ton of compartments that'll help you finally get organized.


Space-Saving Fold Out Desk

Amazon Canada

This mini fold-away desk is brilliant for homes without an office. It's tiny enough not to clutter your space, but large enough when unfolded to work or study comfortably on. It also has handy shelves that you can use to place your notebooks and stationery.


Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain

Amazon Canada

Believe it or not, this shower curtain comes equipped with mesh pockets! If you have minimal storage space in your bathroom, this nifty curtain will give you plenty of room to stash your toiletries.


16-Inch Magnetic Knife Strip

Amazon Canada

You can keep your drawers clear of over-flowing knives and your countertop free of a bulky knife block with this handy magnetic bar that neatly displays your utensils. It's available in three sizes.


Breakfast Cart With Wheels

Amazon Canada

Whether you're in need of extra kitchen storage or you're finally ready for a bar cart, this cart is just as stylish as it is functional.

$125.99 $117.99

2-Pack Cabinet Door Lid Organizer

Amazon Canada

These clever lid storage racks will save you from clanging around in your cupboards every time you need a pot lid. You can mount them directly onto the inside of your cupboard door, which will also free up some space in your cupboard.


Bathroom Floor Standing Storage Cabinet

Amazon Canada

If your bathroom storage is little to none, this bestselling cabinet will give you somewhere to put your face towels and extra toilet paper.


Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable

Amazon Canada

If reaching the far corners of your cupboards seems like a chore, you might want to pick up a turntable to make things more accessible. It's available in three sizes.


Under-Sink Cabinet Caddy

Amazon Canada

This cabinet caddy will allow you to stash all of your sponges and cleaning supplies on the back of a cupboard. That way, they'll be out of the way but still within arms reach when you need them.