April fools! Here are 9 pranks that companies played on Canadians this year

Did any of these get you?

A Dinosaur leg. Right: Taylor Swift.

A Dinosaur leg. Right: Taylor Swift.

April Fools’ Day has come and gone and a few companies in Canada tried to pull a fast one on the public.

The first day of April tends to have many people feeling skeptical of the things they read and see online, which is fair since in previous years big-name organizations like Tim Hortons, McDonald's and Ikea Canada have all pulled pranks on Canadians.

Companies were back at it again for 2024, and we've rounded up the best of the April Fools' pranks that may (or may not!) have bamboozled you, from some suspicious-sounding lipglosses to what looks like a genuinely comfy meatball seat.

McDonald's lip balms

Keeping your pout hydrated is important, particularly as winter seems to be sticking around in parts of the country, but would you slather Bic Mac Sauce, Oreo McFlurry or Extra Pickles lip balm all over your mouth?

McDonald's Canada shared the news of the latest products which are "available at a McD’s nowhere near u."

Hey — some people might be into that, McDonald's!

Ikea's new meatball line

"Meat our latest collection: KÖTTBULLAR," the company wrote on Instagram. "Our team of chefs and designers have collaborated to make your favourite comfort food even more comfy. Available in omnivore and plant-based options to suit your savoury style. Shop these delish & stylish designs today!"

Some of the items in the collection include a giant meatball armchair, which is meant to facilitate "meat cutes," smaller throw pillows, duvet covers and pillowcases and even a lamp.

Tim Hortons Timbit wedding cake

"We’re honoured to be a part of your special moments. Introducing our latest menu innovation: Timbits Wedding Cakes!" said Tim Hortons on Instagram. "Order now with Tims Catering. Today only!"

While this is indeed a prank, many in the comments agreed that this croquembouche-looking creation should be a real thing.

"I know what day it is but I’m sold anyway," said one person.

"I wouldn't use it for wedding but it's pretty cool for birthdays and other parties imo! Not really a joke Tims, could be a marketing idea," said another.

A Raptor leg for sale

The cost of food is top of mind for many Canadians, and Sanagan's Meat Locker in Toronto capitalized on that sentiment.

"Hitting the case today: Raptor Leg," they wrote on Instagram along with an image of what appears to be a packaged limb, complete with terrifying claws.

"While Jurassic Park is just a fantasy, scientists have figured out how to replicate dinosaur DNA for meat production," they continued. "It's a fledgling industry, and probably one that Florida will eventually ban, but we wanted to see what y'all thought of it. Only $73.99/lb, while supplies last."

Honestly, that's not a terrible price — let's just hope it didn't come from our beloved Toronto Raptor, who of course is the mascot for the basketball team.

A Willy Wonka Experience at Ontario Place

"BREAKING: Ontario Government announces partnership with House of Illuminati to bring the Willy Wonka Experience to Ontario Place," Ontario Place for All tweeted. "Tickets to start at $44. Organizers say, 'This is for sure what it’ll look like!'"

While they later did indeed confirm this to be a prank, there's no denying that the rendered pictures do look quite fabulous, and they played along with the joke for a while.

When asked if all the buildings were going to be edible like they were in the book and movie, they responded, "But of course the buildings are edible! (Orders 10,000kg of flour)."

What could possibly go wrong?


Given that Wonderland often teases new attractions, it's no surprise that their April Fools' prank got a few people.

"COMING IN 2025: New hotel at Canada’s Wonderland INSIDE Wonder Mountain!" WonderlandNews tweeted. "Stay and play, in the middle of all the action. This luxury hotel will feature 25 sound-proof, ride-themed rooms with spectacular views of the amusement park. Reservations to open this September! Stay tuned."

The video features renderings of what the inside of the swanky hotel would look like, complete with 25 unique rooms with nautical themes, and, of course, a spa and infinity pool.

Alas, it was too good to be true!


WestJet revealed their wild April Fools' prank which lowkey seems like something that might be real in the next few decades.

"After almost three decades of delivering travel options to Canadians, WestJet is proud to introduce a new way for Canadians to enjoy a vacation - one that eliminates the need to actually take a vacation," the company said via press release.

"Today, the airline is thrilled to introduce MemorEase™, an innovative new headset that uses the latest in AI technology to implant vacation memories directly into guests' brains - offering them all the benefits of a vacation, without ever having to leave the comfort of their couch."

"You'd be a fool not to check it out," they said in conclusion — get it?

Wheel of Fortune

In a truly bizarre moment, fans of Wheel of Fortune were briefly bamboozled when Jared Leto stepped out with Vanna White and did the introduction of the show.

Regular host Pat Sejak then appeared for the rest of the show with absolutely no mention of Leto's appearance, which confused a few people on X.

"Jared Leto hosting Wheel of Fortune is fever dream material," tweeted one person.

Taylor Swift cancelling her tour for Canada

And lastly, Curiocity played a particularly cruel prank on Canadian Swifties.

For April Fools, the outlet said that Swift had cancelled all of her tour dates in Canada due to challenges with the stadium infrastructures in Toronto and Vancouver.

"In a drastic and unexpected decision, the 14 grammy-award winner has announced she will no longer be bringing her tour north of the border," Curiocity wrote. "Swift’s management team will be issuing an official statement shortly, however the news has already devastated fans across the country."

Don't worry everyone — Taylor and the Eras tour is still coming to Canada!