18 Viral TikTok Cleaning Products That Are Unbelievably Satisfying To Use

Videos are included so you can see for yourself!

18 Viral TikTok Cleaning Products That Are Unbelievably Satisfying To Use

Some of our favourite videos to watch on Tiktok have to be the ones that feature cleaning products that actually work. We know we're not alone when we say that there's nothing more satisfying than watching a gnarly mess be transformed into a shining, shimmering masterpiece.

While we're also obsessed with products that'll help us organize our space (particularly the kitchen, bathroom, and home office, which are always a disaster), there's a special place in our hearts for deep-cleaning products.

From products that'll tackle rust stains to carpet and fabric cleaners, we found 17 items trending on TikTok that'll make cleaning a total breeze — with the videos to prove it!

Bissell Little Green Machine

@isaaabel.s GO GET ITTTTT #bisselllittlegreen #clean #beforeandafter ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

This ultra-satisfying carpet cleaner will do wonders for stained car seats and fabric furniture. It'll literally suck up years of embedded dirt and stains. You can use it with all kinds of cleaners, including this pet stain and odour solution to get rid of any accidents your pets may have made.


Liquid Bar Keepers Friend

@bridgetmonteiro Bar Keepers Friend is legit my new best friend 🤣🙌🏽 Thank you #CleanTok #barkeepersfriend #cleaning ♬ original sound - Bridget Monteiro

This heavy-duty cleaner can tackle the gnarliest of cleaning tasks, including getting rid of years of caked-on residue in your oven. You can also use it in your bathroom to scrub away rust, stains and soap scum in your shower, toilet and tiles. Paired with steel wool, this stuff is unstoppable.

Bar Keepers Friend
$30 $28

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (6-Pack) 

@skifamilysince2006 #stitch with @sharonscleaningva why was this so easy?! I had 0 clue it would come off so quickly. #magiceraser #cleantok #mindblown ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Though you can use them for just about any mess, the scuffs and marks on your walls, in particular, won't stand a chance against Magic Clean Erasers!

Mr. Clean

Iron Out Rust Stain Remover 

@livecomposed This stuff is magic! #cleaning #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #springcleaning #diyprojects #tipsandtricks #cleaninghacks #cleaningproducts ♬ Get Low - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

Those super-tough cleaning jobs like rust and mineral buildup removal can seem daunting, but this product would beg to differ. With minimal scrubbing, this stuff can instantly remove nasty stains on your sinks, showerheads and drains. You can also get it as a gel spray for a lower price. 

Iron Out

Weiman Complete Cook Top Cleaning Kit


Fastest & easiest way I’ve found #glassstove #cleaninghacks #weiman #cleantok

Another popular product by Weiman is its glass stove top cleaner kit that comes with a solution, buffer, and scraper. It'll remove burnt-on food and discolouration and get your appliance looking good as new.


Scrub Daddy Cleaning Sponge


Reply to @its_acm ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ @scrubdaddy is addictive, proceed with caution 😋 #scrubdaddy #cleantok #fypシ

This Tiktok-famous tool is a tough scrubbing sponge that changes its stiffness based on water temperature. The Scrub Mommy is another popular product that's similar, but it features a soft sponge on the back.

Scrub Daddy

Tineco iFloor 3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

@jessicahaizman Head to my IG for a chance to WIN one! ✨ #cleanwithme #cleaning #clean #cleanhome #productmusthave #amazonfinds #satsifying#fyp @tinecoglobal ♬ original sound - Jessica Haizman | Home Tips

This fancy floor cleaner will speed up the amount of time it takes you to get rid of big messes. This two-in-one product is a mop and a vacuum, so you won't have to pull out multiple cleaning tools to get the job done.


Lysol Click Gel


First time using this#lysol click gel#😊😍😍I love it🥰🥰smells good lavender🚽💜💜💜💜💜

These cleaning gels will save your toilet from all sorts of unwanted odours and stains. They're also super satisfying and easy to apply, as this TikTok video illustrates.

$4.49 $2

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

@kelseyvenkov WORTH THE HYPE! #amazonproducts #stainremoval #stainremover #cleaningtip #cleaningproducts #cleaninghack #amazonmusthaves2021 #amazoncleaning #stains ♬ Summer Vibes - Razvan Mitroi

This game-changing spot remover can give your stained carpets and upholstery a total refresh. Just spray, wipe and let it dry. It's that easy.

$47 $41.30

Zep Grout Cleaner

@morganbarbierii I’ve spent hours and days on my hands and knees scrubbing this grout with bleach and toilet bowl cleaner #cleantok #cleaninghacks #zep #groutcleaner ♬ WHOLE LOTTA MONEY - BIA

If dirty tiles gross you out, you'll love this powerful grout cleaner. Just keep in mind that it's meant for floors only because this stuff is so powerful, any vertical run-off may cause damage.


Hiware Window Blind Cleaner


I see #cleantok is trending & this my thing. I love sharing all my random #momhack and #cleaninghacks #blindcleaning #cleanwithme #keepitsimple

Cleaning each and every one of your blinds might seem like a meticulous task, but this little gadget can help get the job done — and it's actually kind of fun! It'll pinch right onto your blinds, so all you'll have to do is swipe it back and forth.


Bottle Bright Biodegradable Bottle Cleaning Tablets


Bottle Bright! Another thing TikTok made me buy 🤓 #bottlebright #cleaningszn #ThisIsQuitting #fyp #foryoupage #clean

Attention, coffee and tea lovers. These fizzing tablets will remove years of stains and odours in your stainless steel bottles. You just have to drop one in a bottle filled with warm water for 15 to 20 minutes and watch the magic happen.

Bottle Bright

Ticarve Cleaning Gel


Car slime #cleantok #slime #carcleaning #car #amazon #amazonfinds #fypシ #foryou

This gel cleaning putty will help to get rid of dust and crumbs in hard-to-reach places ike your laptop keyboard or car vents. You can use the whole thing until it doesn't stick anymore or break off a small piece each time.


Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray


Reply to @b0bthecaveman Out with the old, in with the new! #cleaninghacks #cleaningtiktok #cleaning #dawnpowerwashspray

This foaming dish soap will help you get your dishes done faster than the traditional liquid kind. Just spray it on and the bubbling action will cut through grease and food residue.

$9.99 $7

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover


Got that deposit back Lol #CleaningHacks #GooGone #CleaningTiktok #RentingHack #FYP #SyncYourMiO

Sticker residue, glue and gum are no match for this magical remover that literally melts adhesive away. Just make sure you don't use it on real hardwood because it's so powerful, it can strip the finish.

Goo Gone

The Pink Stuff 

@reeselaa My friend @gt.debo asked me to do a video on The Pink Stuff! Hope this helps! 🤍🌸✨#cleaningtiktok #thepinkstuff #measking ♬ Pretty Boy Swag x What You Know mashup - asamr

The mega-popular cleaning paste is a multipurpose product you can use to clean all kinds of messes. From stove tops to shower heads, this stuff will make deep-cleaning days a little easier.

Star Drops

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish


Have Stainless Steel appliances? Check out Weiman! #cleaninghacks #cleaningtiktok #capikitchen #stainlessteel #weiman #fyp #fresh #wipeitdown

Weiman's stainless steel spray will make your appliances sparkle, all while removing smudges, fingerprints and stains.


Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer


Now I love cleaning my brushes😍 #foryou #foryoupage #cleantok #makeuptok #makeupartist

If you're a beauty lover with a hoard of makeup brushes, this cool little device can help you deep clean them all in a pinch. Just place your brush in the spinning attachment and dunk it in the bowl filled with soapy water. You can use it to quickly dry them, too.