I Tried KFC Canada's New Festive Chicken Sandwich & It Left Me Speechless (PHOTOS)

I've never had anything like it before.

KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich with a concerned person looking at. Right: KFC's new Festive Chicken Sandwich with fried chicken, cranberry sauce, stuffing between two buns.

Mira holding KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich. Right: KFC's New limited-time Festive Chicken Sandwich

KFC Canada just introduced a new limited-time sandwich to its menus nationwide and I honestly couldn't believe it was a thing after I took my first few bites.

Many people will judge a book by its cover or a sandwich by its ingredients, so you can forgive me for being suspicious of fried chicken, stuffing and cranberry sauce on a bun.

However, consider this a lesson learned because while I thought KFC's Festive Chicken Sandwich looked unappetizing, it turned out to be one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.


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When I first saw that KFC was doing a festive sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce in the mix, I genuinely thought it would be nasty and unpleasant, so I needed to try it.

But, after trying it, I can tell you I was so wrong.

KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich

KFC's new Festive Chicken Sandwich with fried chicken, cranberry sauce, stuffing between two buns.KFC Festive Chicken SandwichMira Nabulsi | Narcity

On November 13, KFC Canada announced its Festive Chicken Sandwich is made with 100% white meat fried chicken, festive stuffing and cranberry sauce.

"This sandwich boasts all the holiday staples in every epic mouthwatering bite," they wrote in a press release.

This new KFC sandwich perfectly encompasses the sweet and savoury consistency I love during Thanksgiving or holiday dinners.

Even though, at first look, the stuffing looks gooey and the cranberry sauce may be a little too brightly-coloured, it all came together to taste like Christmas in my mouth.

Each of the flavours complimented one another and I didn't feel like one overpowered the rest. The sandwich I got was delivered via Uber Eats and I received it warm and moist.

An open KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich.Open KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich.Mira Nabulsi | Narcity

The chicken was juicy and crunchy, while the bread was soft and buttery.

A delicious aioli-like white sauce was drizzled on the top and the bottom bun, consisting of buttery garlic oil and plant-based mayo. I could've happily dipped fries into it.

I tasted the stuffing on its own and it had a lot of herbs and spices to make it feel festive.

Meanwhile, the cranberry sauce was bright pink, but tasted sweet and had actual bits of fruit, making it feel more homemade.

When biting into the sandwich, the combination of soft bread to crunchy chicken and the eruption of flavours makes this one of the best fast food sandwiches I've ever had.

"We wanted to create something so indulgent that Canadians would feel compelled to take a beat out of the holiday rush, slow down and truly savour every finger lickin' good bite," the press release says.

I can honestly say they did it so well.

Might I suggest keeping this KFC chicken sandwich on the menu for life?

KFC Festive Menu

KFC combo with a buckets of chicken, fries, stuffing and sides.KFC Festive Favourites Feast.KFC Canada

I didn't try all the other items on their new festive menu, but they are introducing the KFC Festive Favourites Feast, which includes a bucket of the Colonel's Original Recipe, hand-breaded drumsticks, stuffing and your choice of side.

They've also upped their iconic KFC bucket "newly designed winter wonderland packaging" when ordering off the Festive Menu.

So, when you're getting ready for all your holiday festivities and you forget to bring food to the potluck, don't hesitate to visit KFC and grab some sandwiches because the flavours will shock the guests.