A New Canada Weather Forecast Says These Places Will Have A White Christmas In 2023

Get ready! 🎄❄️

Snowy Christmas trees are seen at night in B.C. Right: Three people skate on a snowy trail in a forest.

Snow in B.C. Right: People skate in Ontario.

Christmas in Canada is just around the corner, and a new weather forecast has predicted which regions in the country will see a snowy holiday.

A new Canada weather forecast from the Old Farmer's Almanac has shone light on what kind of weather Canadians can expect for Christmas 2023.

According to the Almanac, most of Canada will experience "near-to-above-normal snow" over the holiday, so if you're someone who's dreaming of a white Christmas, there's a good chance you'll get your wish.

According to the forecast, the Atlantic side of Canada will see a white Christmas across northern Newfoundland and northern New Brunswick.

Regions farther to the south, however, such as Nova Scotia, are not expected to see a snowy holiday.

Southern Quebec will also see a white Christmas, with "periods of rain and snow" and cold temperatures predicted between December 25 and 31, so you might want to keep an umbrella handy along with your winter boots.

Southern Ontario is also set to have a white Christmas, with a snowstorm, rain, and snow showers predicted for the region in the days leading up to the 25th.

The prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will also be treated to a white Christmas, with the region set to see snow showers and very cold temperatures in the week leading up to the holiday, so bundle up for any last-minute shopping.

Finally, parts of B.C. will also see snow over Christmas, while some in the province will have a green holiday.

According to the Almanac, it'll be a white Christmas for inland areas in Southern British Columbia, where snow showers are predicted, but not for those along the Pacific Coast, like Vancouver, where it's set to be sunny.

While some regions have already gotten a taste of snow, winter in Canada doesn't officially start until December 21. If you're wondering what the season as a whole has in store, the Almanac has predicted a "whiteout" for the country, with "bone-chilling cold" temperatures.

An earlier forecast from the Old Farmer's Almanac also revealed a month-by-month look at Canada's winter weather, including when snowstorms will hit in each province.

Happy holidays!